About Us

Party decorations and styling is crucial to leave a lasting impression for any party! Customized handmade party decorations and custom designed party accessories is the way to go, to make your party stand out and to scream exclusivity!

Polka Dot Celebrations is a one of its kind kid’s party planning and styling company in Gurgaon that can create unique parties to your taste and budget! A one of its kind birthday party planners in Gurgaon, that deals with customized theme parties and handmade decor. Our mantra is simple. Every party should be as unique as your child is. That’s why we pay attention to every little detail in designing a party that is exclusive for you. Whether you are looking for customized and unique themed invitations, party decorations, dinnerware, accessories and finishing touches or for someone to setup and style the whole party for you, then Polka Dot Celebrations is your go-to!

Of course, there are many ways to organize a party! You could purchase party supplies from the many online stores on the web, or hire an event planner or just do it yourself! But will that create a lasting impression? Will it be unique? Will the party have a personal touch? Probably Not!  That’s where Polka Dot Celebrations can help!

Our motto is to encourage people to celebrate at home and yet make it memorable. You don’t need to always organize parties in fancy restaurants or five star banquet halls to keep the kids happy! You can now create unique parties right at the comforts of your own home with our help. With the right mix of handmade party decor, custom designed accessories, and interactive activities to keep little ones busy, your party can be one memorable event that the kids will never forget! However, for those facing space crunch issues, consider celebrating parties at your society’s park or club.

Happy Partying!

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