Danglers – When doing themed parties, sometimes only balloons aren’t enough. We can make customized danglers to suit any theme and any occasion. Danglers can be as big as 1 foot in width and height or can be in the form of streamers. We also use, paper lanterns and tissue pom poms, but always customize it to the theme. Take a look at our danglers’ gallery to choose dangler that you would like to have for your child’s next birthday party!

  • Customized Theme Danglers
    Angry Bird Danglers
  • Angry Bird Danglers
  • Clouds and Balloons Danglers
  • Jungle Theme Danglers
  • Mickey Mouse Danglers
  • Fan Danglers
  • Polka Dot Danglers
  • Star Dangler
  • Pom Pom Danglers