Birthday Venues in Gurgaon

A child’s birthday is a special occasion for the parents especially. Every year when the child turns a year older, parents begin to plan a birthday party for the child. Everyone one nowadays wants to have a “different party” so that the child has a memorable time! There are many birthday venues in Gurgaon and are offering birthday planning services. Here we list some options for birthday venues in Gurgaon and Delhi.

birthday venues in gurgaon

birthday venues in gurgaon

Some Popular Birthday Venues in Gurgaon

The Fast-Food Option – Cheap and Reliable birthday venues in Gurgaon

Many Parents choose a fast food restaurant as the birthday venue for the kids. This is the most convenient option, as it requires no planning. All you need to do is to pay for the food, venue and the party decoration. With most parents working, this is the most convenient option, plus the children love to eat all kinds of junk food these days. Only drawback of this option is that, does the child actually get to have a memorable day? After all a fast food joint is a place where he/she goes to every other weekend! Won’t it just pass by as another day with an extra cake and some balloons?

The Fun Zone Option – Fun and Budget Friendly birthday venues in Gurgaon

Many parents also like to celebrate parties in fun zones such as Fun City, Hang Out etc. There are no dearth of options when it comes to this type of birthday venue in Gurgaon. Undoubtedly the children have a lot of fun, as they hop around from one ride to another. It is again very convenient for working parents, as they lack time and are willing to spend the extra buck. But again, with all the commercialism and malls sprouting up in every corner, these fun zones have become a normal weekend activity for kids. So will the child actually have a memorable birthday? Also, often these places are so noisy that it becomes difficult for one to strike a conversation. After all a party is about coming together and celebrating together, but amidst so much noise and action everyone (adults and kids) seems dispersed, which is quite an ironic situation for a birthday party! Moreover over, these fun zones have restricted time slots and hence often the parents seem to be in a hurry and before the child can actually begin to have fun, times up!

The Banquet Hall Option – Lavish and Elegant birthday venues in Gurgaon

If you do not mind to shell out money, this can be another option for celebrating birthday parties. Often a banquet hall party is surrounded by a theme. A favorite character or concept of the child is inculcated in the party planning. A party in a banquet hall often requires both planning and money! Parents, who do not have the time to plan, hire an event planner to do the job. When a party revolves around a thevme, the child is bound to have a memorable time, because it is a different day for him/her and also everything about the party has to do something about the child’s favorite character. The only catch here is that, many event planners, do the same cliché décor and the activities provided are not in sync with the party’s theme. So choose wisely when selected a party planner, who can actually make the party a memorable one!

The Home Option – Personal and Comfy birthday venue in Gurgaon

Who says a child cannot have an enjoyable birthday party at home? This is an option that is always available unless home space does not allow it.  If you do not have space, then why not hire the local community hall in your residential township or even better hire a school space close to your home. Nowadays many playschools are offering their space for parties on rent. To make a birthday party at home memorable for a child, you need create an experience for your child. Parents have to be creative and convert their home into party venue based on the chosen theme. Children actually have a lot of fun with the whole process of planning at home, because they become a part of the process and participate in every birthday planning activity. If you are clueless about how you can create a memorable party at home for your child, hire a party planner, such as Polka Dot Celebrations and you can see how your child will actually have a memorable time and cherish it for the rest of his/her life!

Our Say

There are pros and cons with each and every option. It depends on the person who is hosting the party and what he/she would like to opt for. But our personal choice of birthday planning is to have a memorable party with unlimited creativity on a shoestring budget! So therefore select the right kind of birthday venue in Gurgaon.