DIY Celebrations Pack

If you prefer to DIY but you cannot go around gathering your supplies, we’ve got you covered. Save money and time with our DIY Celebrations Pack, which comes with everything you need for a perfect celebration!

We’ve put together handmade and eco-friendly party decorations for you to have a fantastic celebration at home with your loved ones. Our DIY Celebrations Pack is the perfect answer for small celebrations. All of these can be customized to different themes & colors that you pick & choose.

Order your party pack now, and get everything delivered right to your doorstep for you to easily unpack and use.

Each DIY Celebrations Pack contains:

Room Decorations

Our party box includes room decorations suitable for a small space, including:

1) 6 handmade pom poms (that can be re-used)

2) Birthday Banner which is handmade and customized

3) 6 handmade paper fans (that can be re-used)

4) Basic 1 kg cake (optional)

Starting at Rs. 2500/-

This service is available only for Gurgaon. Both Pickup and Delivery are available.

*Delivery charges extra.

*No plastic packaging

*100% handmade in hygienic environment

  • Hungry Caterpillar Themed Party
  • mickey mouse pom poms
  • Mickey Mouse Danglers
  • Fan Danglers
  • Customized Theme Danglers
    Angry Bird Danglers
  • Mickey Mouse Banner
  • Princes & Frog Banner
  • DIY Celebration Pack
    DIY Celebration Pack