Our Services

Polka Dot Celebrations is an event planning company that brings to you innovative concepts when celebrating a birthday party, baby shower, baby arrival parties, anniversaries, vow renewal, milestone birthdays or any special occasion. Whether it is a house party or a large scale event we can help you with end-to-end planning of your special day. To help you choose the type of party to host based on the venue and budget, we have compiled several options for you. Our services include:

Theme Parties

Theme Party Planning is suitable for those who are looking for a larger setup for a venue. The services in this include venue inspection, party theme ideas, styling of cake table, venue decoration, kids’ activities and much more. The main focus is to provide elegant and beautiful décor, as per your theme and budget. You can choose from simple, elegant décor or a more elaborate styling. Paying attention to minute details makes all the difference and that’s what we at Polka Dot Celebrations strive for. You can learn more here!

DIY Celebrations Pack

Beautiful decorations just set the right tone for any party. Our DIY Celebrations Pack is apt for people who want to have a small celebration and want to have a hands-on experience to prep-up for the party. This pack is pocket friendly as well. There are many stores that provide theme party decorations, so why choose polka dot celebrations?

  • Our decorations are customized and handmade. Custom-made handmade decorations will take your party to another level and will also give it a personal touch.
  • Our decorations are made with a motto to be eco-friendly. The items are all re-usable and do not come packed in plastic.
  • We are much more than just balloons and frills.
  • It is made in hygienic and well-sanitized conditions.

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Dessert tables or candy buffet just takes the overall look of your special day to another level. It definitely will make your loved one feel special and at the same time sets a beautiful backdrop to click pictures. Dessert tables are perfect for any occasion and is perfect to set the tone of the theme in mind. If you want to do it yourself and want to rent out the items to make a beautiful setup, this package is perfect for you.

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