New Year House Party Ideas

With the year coming to an end everyone wants to plan a great new year’s bash to welcome 2015. Lots of clubs in Delhi and Gurgaon are advertising New Year parties like never before. Often these parties can burn a hole in your pocket and are meant only for adults. So if loud music isn’t your thing and if you don’t want an empty wallet and don’t want to leave your kids at the mercy of a maid or a relative, then isn’t a house party a great way to welcome the New Year? A house party is great because it’s safe, much more fun, no worrying about who’s going to drive after a few drinks and if the kids fall asleep there is no rush to head back home! Here are some ideas to celebrate New Years with a bang!

    • Invite close friends and families for some fun and laughter. A BBQ party is a great way to celebrate new years during this cold weather. If you can’t host a BBQ New Year house party then, have a potluck dinner and have every guest get one dish. In this way there is no hassle of organizing a lavish food spread. Remember to keep it simple.
    • Organize some entertaining games for the guests. You can find a lot of great ideas on the internet. Group games are a lot of fun. You can also organize some games for the little ones as well.
    • Music is a must in every party. Have your playlist ready, grab your speakers and voila the tone is set for your New Year house party.
    • New Year Parties are all about glitter. Therefore lots of lighting and candles are the perfect way to decorate your home to welcome the New Year. If you love all things crafty and if you have the time, you can make some glittery stars with paper and hang them all around. You can also consider getting in some sky lanterns and have each guest light one, make a wish and let it fly up in the sky. There is something mesmerizing to watch a lot of sky lanterns go afloat in the sky!

      Sky Lanterns

      Sky Lanterns

    • Why not have a movie night-in? If you have a home theatre, nothing beats it! If not, you can hire a projector and play a nice movie for your guests.
    • If you have a large house, you can consider having a dance party and have everyone dance till the clock strikes 12!!
    • Oh and Don’t forget the drinks! A New Year’s Party isn’t complete without some champagne. Even better decorate your champagne bottles with lots of golden glitter!!
Glittered Champagne Bottle

Glittered Champagne Bottle

So here were some ideas to host a New Year’s Party at home. Try it and I am sure you’ll have a lot of fun. Much more fun than a club party!! Happy New Year’s to everyone and hope 2015 brings in a lot of luck and cheer to everyone.