First birthdays will always be special and its always nice to capture special moments in the form of photographs. Nowadays many people hire professional photographers to create a candid portfolio for your little one. If you do not have the budget to get a professional to shoot your child, you can uses these tips for a fun first birthday shoot and you’ll have photo shots that’ll be frame worthy!!

first birthday shoot

1. Choose a fun location.
Outdoor locations are best when doing a photo-shoot. You could choose the park near your home – probably one that has a beautiful tree or with beautiful plants or just lots of greenery, or a nice looking brick or stone wall in your neighborhood, or a picket fence? The possibilities are endless!

2. Select a fun outfit.
A fun outfit could be a nice dress, or a great head gear. You can choose to make a tutu skirt for girls or choose a smart trouser for the boys. You can also choose to shoot in various outfits, but just remember your little one shouldn’t get hassled. The aim is to keep him/her comfortable!

3.Create a visually pleasing backdrop.
When doing a photo-shoot, try and create a love backdrop. You can use balloons, buntings or just streamers to add some color. You can also use various props to make the photographs look visually appealing. Bubbles are also fun for a photo-shoot. Just get creative! If you need someone to style your photographs, get in touch with

4. Do a smash cake session!
Smash cakes are the trend these days. Just bake a cake at home and make it look pretty with a simple frosting and sprinkles. Your little will definitely have fun smashing it!

5. Incorporate your little one’s personality.
Some favorite toys or books should be incorporated into the photo-shoot. you could have your little one, play with their toys or stack their favorite books in the backdrop. If they love playing in water, you could consider a splash pool. Do they love when you to read to them? Bring some books to stack up. Do they love “playing” with a guitar? Put that in t

6. Have some fun!
Don’t fret! Just have fun with your little one during the photo-shoot. Make them giggle and it will shine through in your photographs. Remember genuine happiness cannot be duplicated! Moms and Dads can also be part of the fun and should be part of the photo-shoot!

And remember, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take great shots. You can do it on your own, with a little effort and a good camera! I hope these tips for a fun first birthday shoot will inspire you to celebrate your baby’s first birthday in an extra special way!