Kids Catering in Gurgaon

Kids Catering in Gurgaon

On the surface, the food is the hero for any birthday party and when hosting a kid’s birthday party, you will need to serve kid friendly food, which not only tastes good but also seems visually appealing to the child. As a parent choosing the right kind of food can get tricky and perhaps is the most difficult tasks when planning a birthday party for your child.

Prime factors to be considered are:

  • Healthy and hygienic food
  • Food that is easy to eat on the move
  • Food Presentation

Polka Dot Celebrations in association with Bake my day is a one of its kind party planning company that not only provides decoration and entertainment services but also Kids Catering in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida.

Our catering menu is primarily targeted for kids. Food is prepared in hygienic conditions keeping in mind the health quotient of each dish. Only high-quality ingredients are used in preparing our food. Fun-foods look fun from the outside, but are high on nutrition value from the inside. For instance, the use of oats in tikkis, the use of veggies in pastas and pizzas and much more jwhich ust adds on to the nutritional value of the dish. Although the food menu is targeting kids, the food is delicious for grown-ups as well.

Apart from the way the food is prepared, we also pay a lot of attention to the way the food is presented. Since our parties are theme based, we can also cater to theme based foods. We specialize in theme based desserts and cakes. We also do theme based savories in different shapes and sizes.

The highlight of our catering is the live counters. Our live counters are smokeless and fireless and therefore suitable for kid’s parties and can be done in both indoor and outdoor environments.

We use high-quality disposable cutlery to serve food. We do not use cheap thermacol or plastic disposables, because we care about the kids we cater to. We ensure that the disposables are color coordinated as per the theme or theme based. If the clients require us to customize tableware as per the theme, we also do that. Imagine serving food in customized cutlery! We also give quirky and fun names to the foods being served, often pertaining to the theme of the party!

Our motto is to take the entire experience of eating with friends and family to another level. A kid’s birthday party is something that every parent looks forward to and it is important to offer a great food experience to everyone attending the party. So next time you’re organizing a birthday party for your child, whether it is at home or a community hall or the local park, call us and we will plan your child’s birthday, with perfect food, awesome décor and fun-filled entertainment!